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Mulan Angels 2 Treasure Map (2020)

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There is Mulan Secret Service Organization and they’re Mulan second-generation female agents – Wei Xiaohua (played by Li Xianglin) and Mu Yi (played by Qiu Zixin) And He Zhaoyang (Zhu Hong) to carry out the task of fighting for the treasure map of burying nuclear waste and rare earths. He Zhaoyang tempted the pirate leader Dawton, who was holding a treasure map with her beauty, but almost fell into the trap set by Dawton and Mrs. J, the highest commander of the European Division of the Red Corpse Group. Fortunately, Wei Xiaohua was rescued in time, and with the help of the only surviving agent of the first generation, the only surviving agent of the first generation, Park Enxi

Genre: Action
Durasi: 86 Min

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